Olive Oil in Formentera


Extra virgin olive oil is one of the protagonists of great Italian cuisine and of the Mediterranean diet and has been identified as such as part of World Heritage by Unesco.
Pasta and pizza for us are the best opportunities to spread the culture of extra virgin olive oil, a product with a strong geographical and identity connotation.



Alba, Monoculture Picholine 100% - Masserie Pezze Galere, Fasano (BR)

Heady in every way. Fruity olive oil still green with notes of tomato leaf and freshly cut grass. The taste on the palate it’s fresh, with elegant notes of artichoke and thistle, with a hint of hot peppers and green peppers, well balanced and persistent.

Pairings: freshly lactic food, raw seafood, pizza, chocolate.


Frà, Monoculture Frantoio 100% - Masserie Pezze Galere, Fasano (BR)

Medium/light fruity flavor of green olives with notes of leaves and almonds. You will feel, in the palate, an elegant and aromatic bitter almond also accompanied
by medium intensive notes of thistle and chicory. The spiciness introduced by the chilly is strong but well-balanced.

Pairings: green salads, vegetables, pesto, White meet, baked fish, matured cheeses. 


Giacomì, Monoculture Coratina 100% - Masserie Pezze Galere, Fasano (BR)

Monoculture of Coratino olives. Intense green, fruity flavor with notes of leaves and almonds. First taste is of almonds with a bitterness with notes of thistle and chicory. Spicy
with fresh notes of pepper and chilly.

Pairings: fresh and grilled vegetables, grilled meats, rocket and tomato salads, bruschetta, legume soups, bean puree, chicory, pasta and chickpeas, baked onions, ash potatoes. 


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